Sabrina & Luca / Wedding Photography Italy / Langhe

Il Boscareto, Asti

From our very first encounter with Sabrina and Luca it was crystal clear we had in front of us a fun, passionate and brave couple of lovers. Sabrina and Luca live together on the love and as well on the business side. They both work as structural and interior designers and this reflected in a precious manner once we entered in their apartment. This couple realized just two months before the wedding they wanted to become wife and husband. They went choosing their wedding dresses together and got ready in the same house at the same time the day of their wedding. In very few weeks they organized what can be described, under an Italian traditions point of view, as an unconventional and brave wedding day. Wide Piedmontese vineyard, the ancient city center of Asti, us and our cameras had been the only audience of this particular sweet wedding. The green nature around “The Boscareto”, the resort they chose as the reception venue, has been the main scenario for the majority of our bride and groom’s external portraits. That was one of the warmest of the summer season, but this absolutely didn’t stop them and us from having the most amazing time together. This couple was so easygoing to work with, they trusted us all the way through the process of creating stunning and timeless images of their day. Thank you, Sabrina and Luca, for letting us feel part of their family through out the whole day.

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