Sabrina & Marco / Wedding Photography in Abruzzo

Monastery of Santo Spirito, L'Aquila

Sabrina and Marco’s wedding had everything that truly matters: exquisite people, succulent food, banging music and a magical ancient location on the top of a hill. Yes, all these elements helped to create some of our shots we love the most, but the heart and soul of their great day were all about the relationships. Their love story lasts for more than 10 years. They met in their little village in Abruzzo, fell in love and never stopped wanting to see themselves as first thing in the morning. Sabrina and Marco now live and work in Milan, but they picked their region as the location for both for the ceremony and the reception venue. Were are talking about one of the most amazing central areas of our Country, Abruzzo, and all its rural fairy scenarios. The ceremony has been intimate and heartfelt. The priest was so kind he complimented us for the discreet way we were doing our job. Love and adoration literally strained from their parent’s eyes, energy and positivity were strong throughout the whole day. The weather forecasts fully maintained their promises the sun was hot and it has been one of the most cheerful ceremonies we’ve ever attended. Later together with their friends, Sabrina and Marco let loose on the notes of the wild music the DJ played till late night. We thank you so many guys, for the love you and your families spread, which arrived in depth to our lenses and hearts.

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