Simona & Doug / Sunset Wedding Photography

Vancouver, British Columbia

More than eight months since their engagement photo shoot, here we come to July 14, 2014, the day of Simon and Doug’s wedding.Both informatics engineers, Simona and Doug’s love story began at the University of British Columbia and it has grown over all that time, up to this day wonderful. Simona chose her wedding dress, along with his parents, directly in her home town in Romania, in central Europe. Her whole family and a few close friends from Romania reached Simona and Doug in their special flying directly from Europe. On the other hand, Doug was born and raised in Vancouver, in a house very close to the sea, which represents a constant natural element in the entire scenery of this city; in fact, he now shares his strong passion for sailing with Simona. Location for the ceremony and reception is the wonderful Brockhouse, an ancient building built in early twentieth century, with direct access to Jericho Beach. They said the big “YES” under a big beautiful tree, in the main garden of the outside green space of the location. After the ceremony, sunset gave us the chance to shoot amazing fun pictures on the beach, covering everything with intense and bright hot colors. In our experience as destination wedding photographers, this has been one of the most amazing locations for wedding portraits and Simona and Doug one of most loveful couples, as we could really feel and see clear their immense love and mutual respect. After dinner,  an ancient fun Romanian tradition took place; the kidnapping of the bride and the consequent to verify what the groom is willing to do to have her back. After this scene irresistible, between the laughter of the guests and the bride and groom, the evening ended in the most romantic way. On the notes of their song, "Weightless" Sissel, Doug and Simona performed in a choreography prepared by them to impress their parents and guests. When you are in a good environment, with beautiful, nice, caring people around you push yourself pointing to the top harder than you every day do. To be the best version of ourselves, the best wedding photographers we could possibly be. We thank this amazing couple to had had the unique opportunity to be their wedding photographers, founding at the same time two really good friends for life.

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