Queen Elizabeth Park and Jericho Beach, Vancouver, BC, Canada Doug and Simona are a stunningly beautiful couple we had the great pleasure to work with, both as their engagement and destination wedding photographers. We just fell in love with their personalities and how they interact with each other, they just radiate LOVE with all capital letters from every move and expression they make. Queen Elizabeth Park was the main location for their engagement shooting. Autumn is one of the best season for this various and colorful park, full of different species of plants, trees, flowers and spectacular points of view.

We had a wonderful fun and sweet time both in Queen Elizabeth park and Jericho Beach, the second chosen location. The very final part of the sunset allowed to have a soft pink light in the sky and a blue night crossing it, ready to fall on a illuminated downtown entirely visible from far away. We wish more and more engagement like this in our future, made of bright love, gorgeous people and fun.

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