Piedmont Wedding Photographers - Italian Engagement

Hidy and Urs are a sensational couple with such a strong love to show and share in their pictures. The first photographic location was Crab Park, a small park close to the Waterfront station in Vancouver, British Columbia. We had a lot of fun, we shared moments of relax walking and playing with the swings. The characteristic wooden docks over the harbor and its little hidden corners framed a lot of their great shots. In the afternoon we moved to Stanley Park, a wonderful place, an imposing forest overlooking the downtown of Vancouver, characterized by a truly rich flora and fauna of different species. Just a few feet away, we took some great photos near the Lion's Gate Bridge, an old vital bridge which connects Vancouver to North Vancouver and West Vancouver. The last location we had the pleasure to visit for night photos was Gastown, the Vancouver's historic and most vibrant neighborhood.

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