Engagements Photographers

We are so honored we had the opportunity to work and spend time again with Gina and Andrew. Once more we have been "witnesses" and photographers of an overwhelming wedding, taken care in all the smallest detail. After the pre-wedding service realized during the previous fall, Leo, Gina and Andrew’s pug, took pleasantly part also to this wedding day, performing the page boy, or better, the page dog role. The scenery picked for the ceremony is the Vancouver City Museum’s outdoor terrace, a perfect place to welcome a large number of guests and make wonderful wedding shots. Gina and Andrew organized the reception as a huge high quality food buffet, garnished with delicious cocktails and bar tables arranged so that all guests could easily move, talk, drink, and enjoy the night. As cherry on top of this magical wedding day, the summer festival "celebration of lights” made its appearance in the night sky, with fireworks on the sea and live music played in the distance.

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