Lauren & Mark / Sweet engagement in Vancouver

This engagement has been one of the most interesting from a geographical point of view.

The day we delivered them the photographic result of our amazing shooting day together, they were just speechless and continued to thank us for many weeks from that time. This is, again, one of the most waited and tasty parts of being a wedding photographer; the sincere, bright joy of your clients when they see and mirror themselves in your pictures, as gorgeous and natural as they are.From the very first email we received from Lauren, we realized that spending an engagement shooting day with this couple would have been really, really fun and of course, so it has definitely been! Lauren, as the main thing, expressly asked us to take as more wide pictures as we could, the ones with a lot of panoramas shown and the couple put in a harmonic composition. This demand did really intrigue us, especially because at that moment we didn’t meet the couple yet. So we tried to understand better Lauren’s request reasons, asking them if the reason had a stylistic preference or something else. Their sweet answer really made us smile: they did not want to be photographed too close because they were convicted that they never come nicely in pictures, that they are nothing but photogenic.It is a very frequent idea of many people, but our answer is always the same. To all we answer that is not even close to the truth, that is not possible, that everyone caught in its spontaneity and authenticity only the best of the best of us can show in those pictures. Lauren’s reply email surprised us even more; she sweetly challenged us, giving us carte blanche for the shooting and invited us to prove that we were right. We really think that’s great to be challenged in what we love the most, as destination wedding and engagement photographers can’t ask more than proving in every shooting that through beautiful pictures everyone can be naturally and spontaneously gorgeous. When the engagement shooting day came, we could satisfyingly feel that both Lauren and Mark were blindly trusting our ideas and the result of this has been just incredible.

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