Wedding Photography in Calabria

Tenuta Calivello, Catanzaro

We love photographing weddings all over the world, but there’s something extra sweet about shooting weddings in our sweet Country. While a lot of our wedding locations take just 2 to 3 hours to reach, Izabel and Fabio’s wedding day took 13 hours of driving. We are madly in love with traveling, this is one of the major reasons why we chose to be destination wedding photographers. The location we are talking about here is a southern Italian region famous for its stunning beaches, crystalline water, raw mountains and passion for their great spicy specialties. We present you here the warm welcoming region of Calabria. Variable weather and constant rain shower were expected that day and were one of the highest worries of Izabel, the bride, who kept checking the weather forecast for the former 3 months before the wedding day. We had been all so lucky and got one of the clearest and warmest day at the end of the summer. Our friends up there in a very cold northern Italy got so jealous when we sent some pictures of us  hanging under the sun at the beach.  Isabel and Fabio got to share their vows in a lovely private church, surrounded by loved ones, heartfelt speeches and stunning harp live music. It was glorious! The reception venue, Tenuta Calivello, is just one of the most panoramic places you can get in that area. We had some pure and serious fun running around and looking for the perfect spots to create timeless wedding portraits in this stunning peace of land. Dear Isabel and Fabio, we really can not thank you more for all this. Thank you for letting us discover one of the bets part of our precious Country, we had the best time with you, your friends, and your families.

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