Anna & Ciccio / Winter creative wedding photography

Cervo, Savona

Who said winter is not a great season to become bride and groom? Anna and Federico, for example, chose the month of December to pronounce the most famous “Yes” in town. On the very coast of Alassio, they had their ceremony in a big historical traditional Italian church filled with old time friends, emotions, families, smiles and joy. Anna is possibly on the kindest and more organized people we’ve ever met. She kept the schedule of the day on point with all the help she could get from her “next to be husband” Federico, or Ciccio, as he likes to be called. Details most of the times let you understand the pure origin of a relationship. Here delicate gestures, series of hugs and caring looks could open your eyes to the most sincere friendship and love. Anna and Ciccio’s friends have been a total blast through out the wedding day. Games and laughs were consistent and huge. We can not thank this sweet couple of lovers and friends of ours for getting us to know better their world from a warm closer point of view!

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