Image module

Our style allows us to take pictures in every lighting situation, sometime we mix the natural sunlight with our professional speedlight flashes, in order to achieve a perfect balance of creative and realistic lights. We like especially natural situations and when we spend some time with the couple, we  always try to offer a relaxing and fun time, stealing special moments from the time spent together!

Our packages are completely customizable and start from 1190 Euros, taxes included, they comprehend these baseline characteristics:


     Wedding photoshoot carried by 2 photographers of TwoDots Studio, unlimited shoots

     Full day coverage, from the getting ready to the final party after the receipt 

     Editing and color correction 

     Delivery of about 500 ready to print high definition images with printing rights included


The wedding album, present in all the packages that include it, is completely designed by a work cooperation between our studio and the spouses, in order to control the creation in every detail.

To know about all our offer in detail, we are more than available to meet you, talk to you on the phone or have a good Skype call together!

It is always possible to make a package bigger, adding more options to the package you will initially choose. You can find all the options you can add in our price list in the investment area of our website.

Usually we cover the whole day, from the preparation of the groom and bride to the first half hour after the cut of the cake, often during the party, at the end of the day to be sure to have a complete “reportage” of the entire wedding day.

Yes we edit all the pictures retouching the light balance, contrast, color depth in order to add value to every moment we lived at your wedding.

In general, whenever the couple feel like! Usually, we suggest to choose a sunny day, usually in the late afternoon, when we can have a handsome intense light, slowly sliding into the sunset.

For engagement photos we charge 250€, this price includes at least 2 hours of shooting, in different locations we can choose together. Feel free to propose your favorite locations, even the the most creative and crazy ones!

Of course, you can wait until the engagement shooting is done, but we can not reserve your wedding date as “booked”. To be sure to have your wedding day booked with us, you need to pay the first deposit. At the same time, if another couple desires to book us for that specific same day, we notify you first so you can book your wedding day with us if desired.

The assistant role it is really important, because he mainly helps the first photographer to create creative light moments, keeping extra lights and wifi-flashes and other reflecting supplies. He is the shadow of the main photographer, usually not supposed to take pictures or have any responsibility about the shooting results.

Two photographers are usually the best choice. The second photographer is meant to have the same role of the assistant when needed and he also takes pictures where it is possible to have various beautiful points of view of the same situation, being able to increase the dynamism of each aspect of the wedding shooting.

Having a second photographer is also a warranty in the rare case the main photographer gets some health problems or any other issue that prevents his normal functions.

Where there are 2 photographers, no assistant is needed.

To reserve your date you just need to choose the package or the options you love and pay the first deposit, which is the 30% of the total amount.

The restart parts of the amount will be paid with a second payment, the 50% of the total amount within one week before the wedding, and a final third payment, the 20% of the total amount, at the delivery of the files and printed albums.

During our work we usually try to keep our creative style and, at the same time of course, to satisfy the every couple’s request and desire. Just let us know exactly your requests and all your expectations for the shooting, so we can figure out together the best solution for you.

TwoDots Studio owns the property of the pictures, but you will have all high quality jpeg files on a DVD and you will be able to print them as you like.

You will be able to see and get your pictures within one month after the wedding date. The album is ready to be delivered to you within one month and half from your final approval of the pdf proof of the album layout. Your wedding video will be ready for you within one month from the wedding date.