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Make yourself happy

Treating yourself is important, it always makes us feel good and has no contraindications. We love cuddles and we want to offer them to you as pictures. You will find some ideas below to treat you with something precious and special and make you smile for a long time embellishing the day of your wedding.

Engagement Photos

Wonderful engagements in Italy

The engagement is a great way to know each other and gets wonderful photos taken in complete relax and fun. Please, read the post we dedicated to this fantastic service:

Gallery On-Line

A window in the world

Show everyone the photos of your wedding. We can build a dedicated online gallery where all the photos you want will be visible. You will be able to share the page link via email.


Another point of view for your wedding

For a video it is important to have a great variety of angles and elements, so you will feel more dynamism and the video will come to the hearts of people. Some shoots with the drone turn something already wonderful in unique and perfect.

Mini Albums

Little wedding jewels

Very small, beautiful and precious. They fit the palm of the hand and can be easily browsed, fill them with photos and make a surprise to your guests. On your wedding day, you can make your guest find them at their table, you will get a really intimate moment.

Hanging Pictures memories...

How wonderful would be if you could give to you and all your guests a lovely souvenir of the day. Our photos are perfect for this purpose, we can choose one or more photos of the day, print and hang them directly at your wedding, they will be an amazing memory ready to be taken by your wonderful guests!


Amazing presentations

A video collection of photos mounted with a song is one of the best ways to be moved and move. We can create a private page with password to access so that you can share your wedding slideshow only to whoever you want.


A great wedding organization

Having a personalized website for your wedding will help you to share information, places, and appointments more easily. You can also show galleries with your wedding pictures and videos. Take a look at an example of website we made:

Photo Projection

Amaze your guests

Projecting with a slideshow your wedding photos at your wedding will be amazing, a surprise for both, your guests and you. Is one of the finest treat you can give and the result will be guaranteed.